Product updates

Product update: Zapier integration, Web clips, Settings layout

A bumper product update for you this month including a new integration, the ability to edit your app (webclip) icon, and more.

Zapier integration: connect your MealPro App to 5000+ apps without code!

Zapier allows you to connect to thousands of apps. With our new Zapier integration you can automatically add new members to your MealPro App when they sign-up on another app like Uscreen, Thinkific, and many more.

There is also a trigger to disable a user’s MealPro App login if they cancel their subscription in another app. Note, at the time of writing, our integration is listed as "Private" in Zapier so contact us if you would like to use it.

Choose a "webclip" app icon

A lot of people save their MealPro web app to their smart phone home screen, and access it like a native mobile app. You can now set the image that is used for the logo of your web app. Just go to Settings then App settings, and choose an icon.

New Settings and Profile layout

The Profile page was becoming cluttered, especially with new integrations and customization options being added.

So, we redesigned the layout to introduce tabs. This doesn't affect your members, they will still only see their profile (first name, last name, email address).

Improved email deliverability

Email deliverability for things like welcome emails and forgotten passwords is really (really) important to us. Unfortunately, our previous supplier wasn’t performing well enough despite apparently being the “leader” in the industry. So, we changed, and the results have been notably better.

What we do is determined by you

As a start-up, your feedback is really important to us. Get in touch if there are any changes that you or your users really want to see.