Product updates

Product update: Translations, Customize nutrients

Two product updates to kick-off 2023.

Translate your app 🗣️

There are literally billions of people who speak languages other than English. You can now translate your app into another language and reach them.

At the time of writing, we support English and Dutch. To request a different language please contact us. To learn more, visit our languages support page here.

Translate your meal planner app into English Dutch German Spanish Portuguese and more

Choose which nutrients are shown 📊‍

You can now choose which macro and micro nutrients are shown / hidden on your recipe pages, including PDF exports. To edit these, go to App settings > Nutrients > and select the ones you want to show or hide. Then Save changes.

Choose which macro and micro nutrients are show on your recipe pages in your meal planner app

Got questions?

As ever, if you have questions, need help, or have requests then get in touch.

– Liam & the MealPro App team