Product updates

Product update: Subscription statuses for users, Zapier update

In this update, we've added new user subscription statuses and a new Zapier version to give you an accurate view of your users.

This also paves the way for future enhancements like analytics, payments and subscription management, and more.

See subscriptions statuses for users 🧙

There are now six subscription statuses for users, which are: Never, In Trial, Active, Leaving, On hold, Former.

If you use our web app product, then you will only use Active, On hold and Former. If you also have a mobile app, then you will see all the statuses.

Read our help guide to learn more.

New Zapier version 3.0 🤖

We've also released a new Zapier version 3.0, which supports the new subscription status changes (see above).

It also adds a user ID field to the Update User trigger so that you can map the unique ID to the user in your website, plugin, or another app.

Got questions?

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– Liam & the MealPro App team