Product updates

Product update: Mobile app improvements, Dutch units of measure

We've made a number of improvements to the mobile app to improve load times, make it easier to use, and fix some bugs. This includes:

Placeholders when content loads ⌛

We added placeholder loading states in various places in the mobile app so that users know something is happening, like on a meal plan and recipe page. We'll be adding more in the near future too.

Go back to your last scrolled position 🔍

Before, when you clicked < Back on a recipe, it would take you to the top of the recipes list instead of where you had previously scrolled to. We've changed this so it takes you back to your last scrolled position in the list of recipes.

The back button works (again) ⬅️

There was an issue for some users with the back button on Android. We've fixed this.

Default units of measure for Dutch users 🇳🇱

Also, following up the ability to create an app in Dutch, we've set the default unit of measure for new Dutch-language users to metric (instead of US imperial). English-language users are unaffected.

Got questions?

As ever, if you have questions, need help, or have requests then get in touch.

– Liam & the MealPro App team